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  • Top fresh starts exporting all kinds of Chinese fresh fruits and vegetables since 2001 and always gains the very good reputation by the genuine quality and recognised 5-star credibility.


    We are always striving for delivering the finest and premium quality fruits and vegetables to people all over the world.


    Our core business involves an integrated range of value-added operations from planting, sourcing, processing, packaging, cold storage to marketing and worldwide

    distribution through well-established supply network.


    Our wide range of fresh produces have fresh Fuji apples, Fresh Pears, Oranges & Mandarins, Red Globe, Lemons, Fresh Carrots, Ginger, Garlic, Potato, Brocoli and other selected

     vegetables grown from the fertile farmlands in several origins including Shandong, Shaanxi, Hebei & Fujian and other regions in mainland China for exporting to

    robust markets: Middle East, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Canada and European Countries.


    Our genuine slogan : Quality Leads All.



    Quality control is well-exercised at each stage of the value added process from planting & sourcing, processing, packaging and storage to delivery.


    Our fruits are protected from pests and harsh weather by specially treated paper bags without using pesticides. All harvested fwresh produce undergo

     a series of sampling tests at inspection and processing stages.


    Quality is also ensured at delivery stage through strict control of the use of appropriate packing materials in order to meet international standards.


    We will not only supply you with the highest quality at a reasonable price, but also we can provide as-good-as-we-can after-sales service.


    We are here expecting for your visit and any opinion from you will be always welcomed.  


  • YOYO premium label:

    only pack for premium level fresh fruits for apples, pears and carrots.

    Apples color is required over 90% or full blush to pack by "YOYO" label.

    "YAYA" CAT 1 label

    Apples color is required over 75% for cat 1 to pack by "YAYA" label.

    "Lucky Elephant" CAT 2 label


    Apples color is required over 60% for class mix  to pack by "Lucky Elephant" label.


  • Name: Fuji apple

    Origin: Shandong /Shaanxi China

    Season: All Year Round ( keep fresh by "CA" rooms)

    Packed by paper carton

    Packaging (N.W.) & Size:


    12.5kg --- 5's x 13 (supermarket specially)




    Gift Pack 4kg 14/16/18's for Blush Individual Pack

    Gift Pack 4kg 14/16/18's for Character Fuji

    Gift Pack 4kg 8(apples) + 8(pears)

    Gift Pack 2kg 6/8/9/10's for Blush Only.


    Name: Fresh Carrot

    Origin: Shandong /Fujian /Hebei /Inner Mongolia

    Season: All year around.

    Packed by paper carton

    Size and Packaging: 

    10kg: S(80-150g) ; M(150-200g); 

            L(200-250g); XL(250-300g); XXL(300g up)

    Character: Washed, polished, firm and intact. 

    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Huaniu apples (Chinese Red Delicious) Origin: Gansu, Shandong of China

    Season: Oct, to Mar

    Packed by Paper Carton:

    Size and Packaging::



    Crispy, sweet and good looking in full red

    Brand: "YAYA"

    Name: Red Globe
    Origin: Shandong/Yunnan/Xinjiang of China
    Season: Jun, to Oct.
    Packed by Styrofoam box
    Size and Packaging::
    Sweet and Juicy for good tasty
    Pink color and round shape for good look
    Firm berry enough for endured transportation.
    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Lukan Mandarin: 

    Origin: Fujian China

    season: Nov, to Feb.

    Packing: N.W. 10KG & gift packaging 4kg/gift

    Size:  80mm; 75mm; 70mm; 65mm

    Brand: others & fly series

    40'loads: 2450 ctns/40' for 10kg packing

    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Sweet Pear (Gong Pear)
    Origin: Shaanxi, China
    Season: Jun, to Mar,
    Packing: N.W. 11kg
    Size: 27/36/45/54's
    40'loads: 1600 ctns/40' FCL
    Character: juicy, sweet and tasty
    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Asian pear ( Golden and Singo)

    Origin: Shandong China

    Season: Aug, to Feb.

    Packing: N.W. 8.5kg

    Size:  16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32's

    40'loads: 2200 ctns/40' FCL

    Character:  juicy, sweet and tasty

    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Ya pear
    Origin: He Bei, China
    Season: Jun, to Apr.
    Packing: N.W. 17kg
    Size: 80/96/112's
    40'loads: 1260 ctns/ 40'
    Character: sweet and crispy
    Brand: "YoYo"

    Name: Xiang Pear
    Origin: Xinjiang China
    Season: Aug, to Feb.
    Packing: N.W.8kg
    Size: 100-120g / 120-150g / 150g up
    40'loads: 2200 ctns/ 40'
    Character: good taste and cheaper
    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Shandong Pear ( a.k.a chang ba Pear)
    Origin: Shandong
    Season: Aug, to Feb.
    Packing: N.W. 15kg
    Size: 60/70/80/90's
    40'loads: 1600 ctns/ 40'
    Character: good taste and cheaper
    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Kiwifruit
    Origin: Shaanxi, Sichuan
    Variety: Hongyang, Huayou, Hayward. (Red/Gold/Green)
    Season: Sep, to Apr
    Packing: N.W. 3.5kg
    Size: 22/25/27/30/33/36/39's
    40'loads: 5550 ctns/ 40'
    Character: High Vc Nutrition, sweet taste and firm.
    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Blanched Peanut

    Origin: Shandong

    Season: All Year Round

    Packing: N.W. 25kg (12.5 vacuum bag x 2 )

    Size:  41-51/51-61/61-71

    40'loads: 700 ctns/ 20'

    Character:  clean without defect.

    Brand: "YOYO"

    Name: Chinese White Garlic (pure and normal)
    Origin: Shandong China
    Season: All year round
    Packed by paper carton & mesh bag
    Packaging: 10kg by paper carton
    20kg by mesh bag
    Prepack: 450g x 2 ; 300g x 3 ; 250g x 4 ; 100g x 10/ctn;
    Dry & clean white garlic, eating it is good for health very much.
    Dehydrated Garlic & Onion available also.

    Name: Navel Orange
    Origin: Jiangxi, china
    Season: Oct, to Feb.
    Packed by paper carton
    Size and packaging:
    15kg: 27/32/48/56/64/72/80/88
    Sweet, juicy, tasty, shine orange color after waxed.
    Brand: "YOYO" & " YAYA"

    Name: Shatang/Nanfeng Orange
    Origin: Jiangxi, Guangdong, china
    Season: Oct, to Feb.
    Packed by paper carton
    Size and packaging:
    8kg size L/XL
    Sweet, juicy, tasty, shine orange color after waxed.
    Brand: "YOYO" & " YAYA"

    Name: Fresh Holand Potato
    Origin: Shandong.China
    Season: All Year around
    Packed by paper carton
    Size and packaging:
    10kg: S/M/L/XL

    Name: Sweet Pomelo
    Origin: Guangxi, Fujian of China
    Season: All Year around
    Packed by paper carton
    Size and packaging:
    16kg: 4/6/8/9/12's

    Other products:



    China Head Office: Business Area #368, Yurun Agricultral Wholesale Market, Xi'an Shaanxi China.

    Financial Center: 10F Hollywood Center 233, Hollywood Road, Hong Kong


    Packing Houses (from several different production areas around china):

    Shandong : Longkou Economic Development Zone ( packing for: Fuji Apples, Pears, Carrots, Broccoli & other veg)

    Hebei:  Tanggu District, Tianjing City (Packing for : Ya Pear, Carrots)

    Fujian: Huadong Fruit Marketplace, Zhangzhou City (packing for Lukan, Broccoli, Celery, Cauliflower & Carrots)

    Shaanxi: Luochun county, Yanan City, Shaanxi Province (Packing for Fuji Apples & Sweet Pear)

    Shanghai: #3 unit, Huizhang fruits wholesaler market, Yongnan Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai.

    Beijing: Business area 189#, Xinfadi Wholesaler market, Fengtai District, Beijing.


    Tel/We Chat/Whatsapp: +86-13484515376 

    Email: huazi@topfresh.net or topfershcoltd@126.com


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